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Group Trainings

Group trainings are ideal if you want to kickstart your team's development journey. These can be run virtually or in-house and include content and Q&A/group coaching time in each session.

All trainings include lifetime access to the content and access to a private Slack community to connect with other leaders.

  • Online or in-house sessions

  • 4 sessions, 2 hours each

  • Up to 12 attendees


  • Understand the difference between management and leadership

  • Acknowledge all the changes management brings to individual contributors

  • Reflect on open-ended questions to help you prepare for the switch

  • Avoid typical "newbie manager" mistakes

  • Learn how to battle imposter syndrome

  • Balance your workload and avoid burnout

Module #1

From Individual Contributor to People Manager
Image by Priscilla Du Preez
  • Understand why communication will make or break your team

  • Learn what types of information to share with your team and in which context

  • Explore the pros and cons of asynchronous communication

  • Evaluate your communication strategy

  • Create a communication charter for your team

module #2

Image by Antenna
  • Use OFNR to give corrective feedback

  • Explore the value of praise and find ways to incorporate it into your team

  • Get the best tips on how to conduct performance reviews

  • Introduce your team to Continuous Performance Management

  • Learn how to help underperformers with Performance Improvement Plans

  • Conduct empathetic layoffs

module #3

Image by Patrick Tomasso
  • Find out why 1:1 meetings are the most helpful tool in your arsenal

  • Structure and run your 1:1 meetings for maximum efficiency

  • Learn how to coach effectively using the GROW model

  • Practice active listening

  • Discover the intricacies of managing up

module #4

1:1 Meetings
Image by Amy Hirschi
  • Understand the impact of bad hiring decisions

  • Learn about a systematic, end-to-end hiring approach that can help you build and expand your team

  • Avoid common hiring mistakes

module #5

Image by Tim Gouw
  • Define culture and learn why culture change is difficult and slow

  • Reflect on your org culture

  • Learn how to drive culture change

  • Understand psychological safety and how to ensure people feel safe in your team

module #6

Image by Annie Spratt
  • Explore an unofficial timeline of remote work

  • Learn the difference between remote vs distributed teams

  • Understand how remote work changes trust, communication, meetings, performance management, hiring and onboarding, social connection for managers

module #7

Managing distributed teams
Image by Helena Lopes

Ready to turbocharge your team?

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